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About us

C-Stream Consult Ltd.  is an International Consultancy mainly specializing in Contract & Commercial Project Services, Claim Advise as well as Cost Control and Quantum related aspects of Construction Projects in the Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petro Chemical, Energy and Power sectors. 

     "Stream"lining the above  is precisely where C-Stream Consult Ltd. stand for and does.

C-Stream Consult Ltd.  not only provides productive impulses  with a tailor made fit, but also make ideas work and support , guide and observe them to the close out of the Project.
This can be under your "home made" Contract as well as under standard form of contracts like FIDIC, NEC etc...

Clients like our way of working, especially the integration of C-Stream Consult employees in the Clients Project Management teams gets highly appreciated. 

C - Stream Consult Ltd. ’s Vision & Mission Statement.

"To ensure that every possible endeavour has been made in protecting the Contractual and Commercial interest of its clients involved in the International Plant Engineering & Construction business”.

Being successful is not a coincidence !