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Claims Preparation and Evaluation

Most forms of Contract require a contractor to give timely notice of the intention to Claim additional payment or time for events for which the contractor feels the employer is contractually responsible and to follow up with detailed particulars of the Cause and Effect on Cost and / or Schedule.

C-Stream Consult Ltd. will review and analyse all of the evidence and provide support and will develop an appropriate Claim strategy.

Importantly this will include the particularisation of any Claim, such that it matches both the quality of records and the required course of action.
As part of the initial review C-Stream Consult Ltd.  will also advise on the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

Claims Management

C-Stream Consult Ltd. has a wealth of experience in effective Claims management.
This experience has been gained by preparing and evaluating Claims over many years allowing us to quickly reach realistic conclusions and thereafter  identify available options resulting in practical commercial solutions.

C-Stream Consult Ltd. provides, at the earliest possible opportunity, objective assessments of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist in all Claim situations.
As a consequence C-Stream Consult Ltd.  is able to assist you, as clients effectively.
Commercial settlements to Construction Claims are generally desirable to all parties and C-Stream Consult Ltd.  is committed to help, hands on, to achieve the best possible commercial solutions.
Being successful is not a coincidence !