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Risk Assessment

The greatest Risk facing those engaged in Construction Projects is the failure to achieve Timely Completion at a Cost that is within the Project Budget.
Early identification and assessment of the factors that may result in failures is important if a project is to be successful.

Through specific Project Risk Workshops in accordance with the ONR 49000, C-Stream Consult Ltd. reviews the essential elements of Project delivery from the perspectives of Time and Cost.
This involves in-depth assessment of both Contractual and Project issues, allowing Risk to be identified and assessed at an early stage and mitigation can be put in place.

Risk Management

Despite early Risk assessment, identified Risks need to be managed and reviewed on an ongoing basis.
In addition, Risk appears at all stages of a Project including unexpected events or outcomes inherent in the execution of any scope of work.

To protect your interests C-Stream Consult Ltd. are able to manage, oversee and maintain key elements of projects such as Overall Management and Organisational Practices, Cost Management and Control systems, Scheduling practices and procedures, Change and Claims Control procedures , together with record keeping and Document Control.

Being successful is not a coincidence !